As a transformational coach and spiritual journey guide
I help you bring your passion into the world from your heart


What would it be like if you started living again from your unique strength and could simply be who you essentially are. Once you realize that you already have everything within you and that you don't need anyone or don't have to please anyone, you will experience your true happiness and be a passionate heart centered leader.

I help you to become aware of your soul mission and open your heart during a 1 on 1 session, healing ceremony, energetic massage or Inner Mission Retreat.

Heal your self with a heart warming energetic treatment in Oegstgeest, Dordrecht, Utrecht or at your doorstep (NL). We also offer a treatment combined with a breathwork, healing or reading session

Joost van Berckel

Discover your passion and transform your life today

Are you seeking answers to profound questions? Do you yearn to reignite your passion and make a meaningful impact in the world?

My name is Joost van Berckel, your guide on the journey of self-discovery and transformation. As a business coach and spiritual journey leader, I am here to support you in growing and thriving, so you can rediscover your true passion and bring heart centered leadership into the world and empower your soul mission.

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